Mr Chua Joo Hock

Managing Partner
Vertex Ventures S.E.A.

Mr. Chua Joo Hock is Managing Partner of Vertex Ventures Southeast/India.  Joo Hock joined the former Singapore Technologies Group in 1987 where he was involved in the early phase of Singapore Technologies’ venture capital investments which later became Vertex in 1988.  Throughout his career in Vertex, he has been involved in VC investments globally particularly in the US, Singapore, Taiwan, India, China and Israel.  He spent several years in the US where he was Head of Vertex US investments and operation.
Prior to Singapore Technologies Group, Joo Hock was with the NatSteel Group where he was involved in VC investments and corporate project development.  He spent several years in manufacturing and operation in the Singapore subsidiary of GE (USA)’s semiconductor division upon graduation from the University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).  He also has a MBA from National University of Singapore.
Joo Hock currently represents Vertex on the Board of Instarem, StoreHub, HappyFresh, Cicil, Get, M17, Warung Pintar and Roomme. 
Portfolio: Grab, Patsnap, M17, Instarem, Cicil, Payfazz, Warung Pintar, StoreHub, HappyFresh, Get, Spacemob (acquired by WeWork), FirstCry, Yatra (listed on Nasdaq), ExressBees.