Mr Kuan Zhan Peng

Special Projects

Mr. ZP Kuan’s responsibilities include originating, evaluating and executing new investments, and special projects for Kuok (Singapore) Limited.

KSL has an unrestricted investment mandate that allow us to capitalise on tactical and strategic opportunities that might be overlooked by less agile market participants. To date, KSL has invested in early-stage high-growth opportunities, lead corporate listings and cross border M&A transactions. At the same time, KSL is beginning to step-up interests in the direct investment space to further diversify its portfolio and augment its core businesses.

KSL is a multinational corporate investor, headquartered in Singapore, with diversified investments in areas that include commercial and residential real estate, hospitality, shipping, logistics, (soft) commodities, agriculture, telecommunications and ship building/repair. KSL shares a common heritage with two other holding companies, namely, Kerry Holdings Limited in Hong Kong and Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, in that they were all founded by the Kuok family, which together with their related companies, are commonly referred to as the “Kuok Group”.

The Kuok Group is the single largest shareholding group in listed companies such as Hong Kong-listed Kerry Properties Limited, Kerry Logistics Network Limited and Shangri-La Asia Ltd, Singapore-listed Wilmar International and PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd, and Malaysia-listed PPB Group Bhd and Malaysian Bulk Carriers Bhd.