Mr Tan Chin Ngiap

Project Director
Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd

Tan Chin Ngiap is the project director at Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd.

An industry veteran, Chin Ngiap had held various roles in many IT organisations.

President for South East Asia Information Technology Organisation (SITO) for 4 years.

Served four terms (7 years) as the Chairman of Micro Computer Trade Association of Singapore (MTAS), now merged as SITF, in year 2018 the association name changed to SG Tech

During his term with MTAS, he created the first computer show in Singapore, SITEX, which is now recognised as one of the biggest premier IT show in Singapore.

Chin Ngiap sat on the cluster committee IT2000 

Served as a committee member of the formation of ‘standards for hard disk’.