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Please share details of the adopted Product or Solution in the following areas.

Note: Description should be concise and to the point

  1. Describe and share the following:
    1. The problem(s) or gap(s) that it addresses and how it has effectively solved the problems/gaps.
    2. How it fit into your company’s digital transformation; and
    3. How easy it was to implement and adopt.
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  2. Describe and share the following:
    1. Why is this product/solution unique or innovative compared to other solutions in the market, with mention of specific functionalities/features that benefit end-users or customers?
    2. Use of any frontier technology(ies) such as IoT, AI, Robotic, Immersive Tech, Blockchain etc.
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  3. Describe and share the following:
    1. The business impact and value created by adopting solution e.g. increased productivity, better management of manpower & resources, higher level of satisfaction from customers.
    2. How has adoption of this product/solution help the user organisation to better serve its customers or stakeholders.
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  4. Share the following:
    1. How user organisation and tech provider had jointly developed and implemented innovation.
      (Note: For Best Adoption-Public Sector submission, please elaborate on public-private sector partnerships where relevant)
    2. Potential for this innovation to be adopted by more companies and how does it benefit the industry.
    3. Next phase of this solution and how it may benefit your company/industry further.
    4. URL link(s) for your product/solution’s presentation deck
    5. Any other info.
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