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    2. Application of technology in addressing the problem(s) or gap(s).
    3. Any other competing products/solutions in the market and what is the unique differentiation of your product/solution?
    4. Impact that your product/solution has/potentially have on the industry, economy or everyday life. Target market and commercialisation potential of this product/solution.
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    2. Key customers/clients who has deployed the product/solution; and
    3. Product roadmap for next version (if any).
    4. Stage of development (ideation/concept/prototyping);
    5. Please give an indication of when the product/solution is expected to be ready for pilot or market.
    6. Hurdles that need to be overcome for the next stage of development.
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    1. Timeframe for idea to go to market and/or expansion plans;
    2. Target customer segments and markets, and pipelines; and
    3. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of idea/product/solution in bringing the product to market and how it will prevent barriers to entry.
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