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Please share more details of your innovative Product or Solution in the following areas:

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  1. Describe and share the following:
    1. The market opportunity that your idea creates or/and how it solves a market need
    2. What technology(ies) are used and how they are applied to develop your prototype/product/solution.
    3. What are the key design and usability considerations that are/will be incorporated in your prototype/product/solution
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  2. Describe and share the following:
    1. Details and results of any market studies conducted to generate and refine your idea
    2. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of your proposed product/solution and considerations for barriers to entry by competitors
    3. How feasible is your idea in terms of commercialisation, including potential business model, funding and Go-to-Market (GTM) plans
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  3. You could share the following:
    1. Team composition and expertise
    2. Any other awards/recognition received for this project
    3. Whether this prototype/product/solution has leveraged research or IP in your institution
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  4. Note: If you are shortlisted, the team will need to give a presentation on your idea/working prototype/product/solution. You will be judged on:
    1. Quality of pitch (communication of idea and business case);
    2. Quality of prototype/product/solution during demonstration; and
    3. Team quality and expertise

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