Data Protection Policy

  1. The organisers of Techblazer Awards will collect personal data (Data) from individuals for its operational needs as it fulfils its role to promote and regulate the media sector in Singapore. Adequate policies and procedures have been put in place by the organisers
    • To specify the purpose(s) for use of the Data;
    • To safeguard the interests of the individuals;
    • To protect the confidentiality of the Data that it has collected from unauthorised access;
    • To retain the Data for only as long as it needs to meet its purpose.
  2. The organisers seek implied consent from individuals for the collection, use and disclosure of the Data in the following situations
    • The Data is necessary to render the organisers service that the individual has applied for;
    • The use of Techblazer Awards Online Feedback form by the individual.
  3. The organisers may share necessary Data with other Government agencies or non-Government organisations authorised by the organisers to carry out specific functions in order to
    • Process any applications made by the individual;
    • Render an efficient and effective service to the individual, unless the sharing of Data is prohibited by legislation.
  4. The organisers will ensure that the said Parties satisfy its Data Protection Policy requirements before the release of the necessary Data.
  5. Individuals may contact the organisers via the Techblazer Online Feedback Form or contact IMDA’s Quality Service Manager
    • To request for amendments to his/ her Data on the basis that the Data collected or maintained by the organisers are inaccurate or incomplete.
    • To provide feedback in relation to the Awards Data Protection Policy.
      Quality Service Manager
      Tel: 1800 837 9979 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm)
  6. The organisers of Techblazer Awards reserve the right to amend its data protection policy and the information published about the said policy from time to time. While the organisers take reasonable care to ensure that information published about its said policy is up-to-date, the organisers do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information.