Q1. Where will the Nomination Briefing be held this year?

The Nomination briefing will be held online via a webinar.

Q2. How do I register for the Nomination Briefing?

You may register at  https://techblazerawards.sg/News-Videos/Nomination-Briefing-Dates

Q3. When are the Nomination Briefing Dates?

The Nomination Briefing Dates are:

7 July 2020 (Tuesday) (3PM) online via Zoom

24 July 2020 (Friday) (3PM) online via Zoom

4 August 2020 (Tues) (3PM) online via Zoom

20 August 2020 (Thurs) (3PM) online via Zoom

Q4. Where can I find the Zoom links to register?

The registration links can be found here for the following dates:

7 July 2020 @ 3PM (Completed)

24 July 2020 @ 3PM (Completed)

4 August 2020 @ 3PM (Completed)

20 August 2020 @ 3PM (Completed)

Q5. When does the Nomination Open and Close?

The Techblazer Nomination opens on 15 June 2020 (9AM) and closes on 31 Aug 2020 (5PM).

Q6. When does the Preliminary Judging start?

The Preliminary Judging starts from 20 October to 22 October 2020.

Q7. Where will the Preliminary Judging be held this year?

The Preliminary Judging will be conducted online. More information will be made known at a later date to shortlisted submissions.

Q8. When does the Final Judging start?

The Final Judging is scheduled on 4 November 2020.

Q9. Where will the Finals be held?

The Final Judging will be conducted online. More information will be made known at a later date to shortlisted submissions.

Q10. How long will applicants take to fill in the Techblazer Nomination Form? (Most Promising Innovation, Best Adoption, Student Techblazer)

Applicants will take about 15mins if all relevant information is prepared.

Q11. Are there any differences between the 2019 Awards Category and 2020 Awards Category?

As of now, no there isn't.

Q12. What are the judging criteria and process for the awards

Please refer to this link for the Criteria and Judging Process.

Q13. Is there an email address where I can reach out for further questions?

You may email us at enquiry@techblazerawards.sg

Q14. What are the differences between the Judging formats for both Preliminary & Finals?

Preliminary Judging - 10 minutes Pitching & 5 mins Q&A

Finals Judging - 10 minutes Pitching & 15 mins Q&A

Q15. What is the difference between Most Promising and Best Adoption category?

Most Promising category is for tech companies with a commercialised product, solution, and platform. Best Adoption is for end-users who leverage technology for digitalisation transformation.

Q16. Can a company submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can submit more than one entry, as long as it is a different product/solution or platform.