Q1. Where will the Nomination Briefing be held this year?

The Nomination briefing will be held online via a webinar.

Q2. How do I register for the Nomination Briefing?

You may register at https://techblazerawards.sg/Application/Nomination-Briefing-Dates.

Q3. When are the Nomination Briefing Dates?

The Nomination Briefing Dates are:

8 July 2021 (Thursday) (3PM - 4PM) online via Zoom

22 July 2021 (Thursday) (3PM - 4PM) online via Zoom

5 August 2021 (Thursday) (3PM - 4PM) online via Zoom

Q4. Where can I find the Zoom links to register?

You can register for the briefing here.

Q5. When does the Nomination Open and Close?

The Techblazer Nomination opens on 28 June 2021 (9AM) and closes on 31 August 2021 (5PM).

Q6. When does the Semi-Final Judging start?

The Semi-Final Judging starts from 19 October to 21 October 2021.

Q7. Where will the Semi-Final Judging be held this year?

The Semi-Final Judging will be conducted online. More information will be made known at a later date to shortlisted submissions.

Q8. When does the Final Judging start?

The Final Judging starts from 9 November to 11 November 2021.

Q9. Where will the Final Judging be held?

The Final Judging will be conducted online. More information will be made known at a later date to shortlisted submissions.

Q10. How many presenters are allowed during online presentation?

The judging will be online. We recommend no more than 2 presenters, but you can have up to 4 team members in the virtual room.

Q11. How long will applicants take to fill in the Techblazer Nomination Form? (Most Promising Innovation, Best Adoption, Student Techblazer)

Applicants will take about 15mins if all relevant information is prepared.

Q12. Are there any fees to participate in this Awards?

No. There are no fees for participating and submitting an application for this Awards. 

Q13. Are there any differences between the 2020 Awards Category and 2021 Awards Category?

There is a new sub-category for Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) under the Best Adoption category in 2021. There are no changes to the judging criteria. 

Q14. What are the judging criteria and process for the awards?

Please refer to this link for the Criteria and Judging Process.

Q15. Is there an email address that I can reach out to for further questions?

You may email us at enquiry@techblazerawards.sg.

Q16. What are the differences between the Judging formats for both Semi-Final & Final?

Semi-Final Judging - 10 minutes Pitching & 5 mins Q&A

Final Judging - 10 minutes Pitching & 15 mins Q&A

Q17. What is the difference between Most Promising and Best Adoption category?

Most Promising category is for tech companies with a commercialised product, solution, and platform. Best Adoption is for end-users who leverage technology for digitalisation transformation.

Q18. Can a company submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can submit more than one entry, as long as it is a different product/solution or platform. For Best Adoption category, it is recommended that instead of submitting multiple entries, companies may string together small projects into a more meaningful digital adoption journey, so that it presents a more compelling story. 

Q19. Can a company submit an entry for both Most Promising and Best Adoption category?

If your company has a tech product/solution, you can submit it under Most Promising. Most Promising is typically for ICT companies.

Best Adoption (BA)’s intent is to award organisations that have been transformed by the adoption of frontier digital technologies with impact to the organization (this could be internal back-end adoption or customer-phasing solutions BUT not product/services that are directly revenue generating). 

If you are an ICT company, you may also consider a joint application together with your customer who has adopted your product/solution. Your customer can lead the entry submission.

Q20. Who are the judges this year?

We are still at the stage of finalising our panel of judges. To give you a sense on the type of judges we invite, you can refer to the 2020 jury panel.

Q21. We are a Singapore-based company but we outsource the development of our product, platform or solution from other country(s), can we qualify?

Substantial product development efforts (planning, conceptualisation, research, development and design) must have been conducted in Singapore.

Q22. Is the Awards for startup companies only?

The awards have different categories suitable for different organisations. Specific to Most Promising Innovation, ICT companies at all stages are welcomed to submit their innovative products/services.

Q23. We have a partner company, can we do a joint submission?

Yes, you can do a joint submission with another company (e.g. tech partner).

Q24. We did not win last year, can we submit the same solution this year?

Yes, we welcome your participation again this year.

Q25. Is the Awards only for a specific industry?

There is no industry focus on the evaluation of the entry.

Q26. If we just adopted the technology and are still in process of rolling it out, can we qualify?

The solution should be implemented. If partial roll-out can prove the business impact and value, you may consider a submission.

Q27. For Student Techblazer category, does the project need a working prototype?

Yes, the project submission should include a working prototype. 

Q28. How many application/entries will be chosen for the Semi-Final and Final Judging?

An estimated 30% of the total entries will be selected for the Semi-Final Judging. For the Final Judging, an estimated 30% will be shortlisted from the Semi-Final Judging.

Q29. Is there going to be any awards presentation or ceremony?

Yes, the awards ceremony will be held in 24 January 2022. The format of the awards ceremony will be subjected to prevailing Government regulations and safe management measures. More details will be provided at a later date.