Mr Ang Yuit

Vice President (Strategies, Development & Digitalisation)
Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME)

Mr Ang Yuit joined the Executive Council as a Council Member in 2009. Currently serving as Vice President (Strategies, Development & Digitalisation), Mr Ang spearheads a number of initiatives and activities, chiefly focused on the Association’s strategies, development and digitalisation, as well as representing ASME at various events and meetings. He is also the Chairman of the Global Ready Talent Programme and SMECentre@ASME, the latter set up by Enterprise Singapore to provide more holistic and comprehensive business advisory services and assistance to local SMEs.

Mr Ang spearheaded ASME’s shared services digitalisation initiative, SMECEN – an initiative that offers a range of functional processes. Ranging from accounting to human resource administration and payroll, the initiative will benefit SMEs in streamlining their work processes.