Mr Tan Sian Lip

Founder & CEO
Halialabs Pte Ltd

Sian Lip is the founder of Halialabs, a company devoted to creating tech-products that make people more productive and happier because technology fits them and serves them – and not the other way around.

His journeys in the IT industry have taken him through many different roles: AI research, bank IT management, financial-sector technology and regulation, e-government solutions and consulting, corporate-technology strategy, and (more recently) technology standards. Through seeing how IT has worked – and hasn’t work – in the many countries his career has taken him through, Sian Lip developed a deep interest in understanding the people who need technology solutions, the forces that shape their perceptions and capabilities, and making meaningful changes through considered and appropriate applications of technology.

He enjoys a good run in the park, meals with family and friends, quiet instrumental music, and readings in history – especially about how ideas and technology have changed our world over the years.