Mr Bruce Liew

Director, Sector Digitalisation & Tranformation
National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

Bruce Liew is the Director of Sector Digitalisation & Transformation in the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). With a vision of a social service sector that constantly seeks ways to deliver services in more effective forms, he helps agencies leverage technology and innovation, develop organisational capabilities, and harness the strengths of the community to deliver better outcomes for service users. Bruce joined NCSS in 2009, initially heading Donor Management, followed by Relations & Engagement, and finally heading Development & Communications – covering the full spectrum of work in Community Chest before becoming Deputy Managing Director and subsequently Director, Strategies & Operations in the Fund-Raising and Engagement Group. He became Director, Knowledge & Risk Management and Info-Comm Systems in 2016 and was re-designated as Director, Corporate Services in 2017 to take on the additional portfolio of Administration. Prior to NCSS, he spent more than a decade launching and developing digital
businesses in a Silicon Valley start-up and various multinational companies.