Mr Nicholas Lee

Chief Executive Officer
EZ-Link Pte Ltd

Nicholas Lee is the Chief Executive Officer at EZ-Link, where he oversees the strategic direction and growth of the company. He is also responsible for driving adoption, transactions and applications of the ez-link card, Singapore’s leading contactless smart card.

Armed with a background in systems integration and electrical engineering, Nicholas has spent two decades of his career championing contactless, electronic payments in Singapore.

Under Nicholas’ leadership, EZ-Link has pioneered innovations pivotal to driving Singapore’s cashless society vision. This includes the introduction of the first CEPAS-compliant ez-link card and the EZ-Link app, to provide value-added digital services. Nicholas also oversaw the development of EZ-Link’s first multicurrency, cross-border transit card, as part of the company’s plans to enhance regional acceptance.

He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tri-State University, USA.