Mr Ryan Chioh

Managing Director
FarEastFlora.com Pte Ltd

Serve as Managing Director of one of the leading flowers & gifts organization in Singapore for 19 years, leading a current staff strength of 80, while overseeing the financial, operations , marketing and leadership recruitment for a highly dynamic entity.

Increase the organization’s online sales from 3% to 50% over the years with the developement of FarEastFlora.com’s website; active participation on all levels including the initial formation of content, wireframes, website
flow with service providers, thus creating one of the organization’s vital touchpoints.

Spearheaded and manages all IT projects of the organization; initiated and created the IT infrastraucture which fully integrates CRM and ERP business solution.

Led FarEastFlora.com Pte Ltd to win 3rd Annual Intelligent 20 Award 2002 and subsequently ZDNet Asia’s SMB of the Year 2006 for using IT to derive strategic business benefits in improved customer service standards, product and service innovations.

Instil innovation as a core strategic value for the organization by managing the procurement team and setting annual guidelines for overseas buying.

Developed Box of Blooms®, which won the Singapore Packaging Star Award 2005 and the regional AsiaStar Award 2005.

Established CreativeWorkz, a training school by FarEastFlora.com with the foresight and vision to create in-house trained florists and a means to alleviate the acute demand for the industry.

Identified possible business opportunities and secured grants and business support for the organization, paving the way for future plans of expansion.

Guiding the organization to venture into international territory with the setting up of FarEastFlora.com.hk and Hong Kong’s first retail store in 2009.

Directed the organization into the retail sector by launching the first Singapore retail shop in Citysquare Mall in 2009.
Serve as the spokesperson for FarEastFlora.com to businesses, government agencies and media group.

Serve as strategic liaison with government agencies, service providers and business community, resulting in close relationships with extensive array of stakesholders critical to success of organization.

Developed brand pages in yearly catalog through continous liaison with marketing and brand partners, thus creating a unique differentiator for the organization from the rest of the industry.

Negotiated with interested corporate customers on seasonal bulk offerings, generating substantial revenue for the organizaton over the years.

Create and monitor organization structure, operating systems and purchasing & performance standards.