Mr Wilson Tan

Director, Industry Alliance

Wilson Tan leads the Industry Alliance team at SGTech. Wilson is responsible for the overall SGTech membership growth and tasked to strengthen the engagement with members through Chapters’ work.

As the head of Industry Alliance, Wilson is responsible for growing the membership base, by creating value for businesses through Chapters’ agenda and activities. He also engages external stakeholders to operationalize programmes and initiatives, where members and industry could benefit. To-date, he has facilitated the setup of new committees such as AI & High Performance Computing Committee and Data Centre Committee, thereby creating the appropriate platform for the respective businesses and stakeholders to engage in focused discussions.

Prior to joining SGTech, Wilson was with Fuji Xerox Singapore as the head of service delivery of document management services, responsible for both top and bottom line. This was his second stint at Fuji Xerox Singapore where he was previously the Business Planning Manager.

In 2001, Wilson joined Singapore Epson Industrial where he overlooked both business planning and supply management. He was responsible for global pricing of scanner products and its supply, covering US, EMEA and Asia markets. He had travelled extensively to China and localized product functions that catered to unique Chinese requirement.