Mr Yeo See Kiat

GM, South East Asia
MNF Group

Mr Yeo See Kiat, General Manager (South East Asia) of MNF Group (ASX:MNF), an integrated telecommunications software and network provider, leads the group’s interest in Singapore and the region.  An experienced executive with more than 30 years in the ICT industry, See Kiat’s experience extends from software development and Internet to telecommunication and data centre services.

Prior to MNF Group, See Kiat was leading SGTech, the ICT association in Singapore, as Executive Director, with a team of 20 highly-experienced staff.

See Kiat has worked with reputable companies, including iAdvantage, Omron, Singtel, Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX) and SPTel, amongst others.  One of his last major project was starting up the first and only member-driven SGIX.

In addition, he started Singapore Network Operators’ Group (SGNOG) with his colleague while at SGIX, with the objective of bringing together the network engineering community to gain knowledge and experience through knowledge sharing in operator/user environments.

See Kiat graduated with a degree in Information Systems and Computer Science from The National University of Singapore.