2018 Winners

Most Impactful

  • MDAQ


    M-DAQ Pte Ltd


    Aladdin gives e-Commerce platforms the ability to offer multi-currency payment options to customers while allowing merchants to receive only their desired currency through the provision of a guaranteed rate FX conversion service.

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  • CXAGroup


    CXA Group Pte Ltd

    CXA Insurance and Health Digital Solutions

    CXA’s unique solutions integrate group and voluntary insurance enrolment and provide health risk assessment and intervention programs that promote workplace health.

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  • AiDA


    AIDA Technologies Pte Ltd


    AIDA’s SMART-CLAIMS Straight Through Processing is an end-to-end high precision machine learning engine for health insurance claims decision support.


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Most Promising

  • Biofourmis


    Biofourmis Holdings Pte Ltd

    Biovitals Analytics Engine

    Biovitals TM Analytics Engine is a highly sophisticated personalized physiology-based data analytics platform.


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  • BeMyGuest



    Xplore by BeMyGuest

    Xplore is a complete suite of e-commerce tools designed to empower Asia’s attractions, tours and activity operators to maximise operational efficiencies, reach larger travel audiences, and ultimately scale their online business.

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  • Kronikare


    KroniKare Pte Ltd

    KroniKare Mobile Scanner

    KroniKare Mobile Scanner monitors chronic wounds using its twin AI engines: on-phone and on-server.


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Best Adoption

  • HDB

    Public Sector


    HDB Smart Hub​

    The Smart Hub is a central data repository that collects and integrates multiple sources of information, such as real-time data collected from sensors deployed in HDB towns.


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  • Changi Airport Group

    Private Sector

    Changi Airport Group

    Smart Airport​

    A Smart Airport is a microcosm of and a gateway to a Smart Nation. Being the first and last touch-point for many people travelling through Singapore, it is imperative for Changi Airport to maintain the airport’s edge through continued investment in its Smart Airport capability development and continued close collaboration with government agencies and respective airport partners.

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