Most Impactful - Silver

Company Profile:

CXA built Asia’s first benefits, health and wellness e-marketplace to help workplaces shift spend from treatment to prevention. Founded in 2013, CXA boasts 240,000 users and offers benefits consultancy, brokerage services and InsureTech solutions across 20 cities. CXA’s growth is evidenced by acquisitions in Singapore and China. It has received $33 million VC funding and is valued at US100 million.

Product Description:

CXA’s unique solutions integrate group and voluntary insurance enrolment and provide health risk assessment and intervention programs that promote workplace health. Employees get access to a personalised e-wallet and eco-system of insurance, health and wellness products that allow them to exercise choice within a defined contribution program. When companies improve the health of their employees, CXA uses the health scoring data to negotiate reduced insurance premiums. Banks and Insurers can white-label CXA’s InsureTech Solutions to cross-sell B2B services to their corporates and B2B2C to employees. CXA’s platform incorporates a digital marketing engine to target the “right products to the right customers at the right time”, leveraging CXA’s rich dataset comprising demographics, health profiles, purchase behaviours and worklife events.