Most Promising - Bronze


Company Profile:

KroniKare is a Singaporean medtech company that uses multispectral imaging and AI to revolutionize chronic wound assessment and management. What takes trained nurses 30min, KroniKare does in under 30sec, with added technology & portability that allows uninterrupted continuity of care for patients from acute hospitals to rehabilitation to home care, reducing complications, leading to faster recovery and cost savings.

Product Description:

KroniKare Mobile Scanner monitors chronic wounds using its twin AI engines: on-phone and on-server. The mobile AI, runs on a normal smartphone, taking thermal and visible images of the wound, and mimics expert’s wound assessment (size measurement, tissue analysis and complication check). The KroniKare app also acts as a training companion for junior nurses and caregivers. On the server side, a more powerful AI engine performs time-based data analysis for each patient to provide automatic full medical reports of the patient condition, healing process tracking, and recommendation on treatments. Wound care specialists can view the full automatically generated reports using KroniKare Web Dashboard to check the severity of each case and optimize specialists time to attend to patients.