2019 Winners

Most promising innovation

  • BioMind


    Hanalytics Pte Ltd


    BioMind® is an AI diagnostic support system that uses proprietary deep learning technology to analyse MRI and CT images and generates structured reports automatically. 


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  • Cashshield


    CashShield Pte Ltd


    CashShield is a revolutionary end-to-end fraud management solution that is fully machine automated. It provides comprehensive protection to cover all vulnerable entries to fraud attacks across multiple channels and devices, at every stage of the process. 


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  • Tookitaki


    Tookitaki Holdings Pte Ltd

    Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS)​

    Tookitaki Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS) is an end-to-end, machine learning-powered transaction monitoring and screening solution that improves operational efficiency, mitigates the risk of money laundering and reduces the cost of compliance. 


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  • Spark System


    Spark Systems Pte Ltd

    SparkFX Platform​

    Spark systems provides the cutting edge systems designed with efficient access to FX liquidity at reduced trading cost. Also, the suit of analytical tools is available to make evaluation simple and intuitive.

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Best adoption

  • National Parks

    Public Sector

    National Parks Board


    Digitalisation of Tree Management​

    The digitalisation of tree management complements and enhances NParks’ management of Singapore’s greenery. Such advanced technology allows NParks staff to be more rigorous and efficient in carrying out the tree management programme, such as inspections for tree health and safety, pruning and species selection.

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  • Parkway Pantai


    Parkway Hospitals
    Singapore Pte Ltd


    AI-Powered Pre-Admission Cost of Hospitalization Estimation​

    Parkway Pantai’s Estimated Total Bill Size (ETBS) System dynamically generates bill estimates based on parameters such as patient’s medical condition and medical practices. Unlike traditional systems that rely on static, outdated historical billing data, ETBS takes into account the patient’s current age, revisit frequency and existing co-morbidities. 

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  • SME

    York Launch Service Pte Ltd
    Maritime Technologies (R&D) Pte Ltd

    Book-a-Launch ​

    B-a-L is an all-in-one customised SaaS for the launch operations & management. It includes a nimbly structured ERP integrating a booking & deployment system, a boat-tracking system, auto-documentation & linked-accounting system and a boatman system.


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Student techblazer

  • MDAQ


    Singapore University of Technology and Design


    The synthetic data platform helps AI engineers generate their own visual datasets quickly and affordably. Users describe their ideal scene using a combination of search queries and parameters.



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  • SST


    School Of Science And Technology, Singapore

    CodeCollab ​

    CodeCollab is your Google Docs for code, a real-time collaborative code editor and compiler aimed at aiding both students and teachers learn together in a collaborative classroom environment.



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  • Anglo Chinese School (Independent)


    Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)


    MedACS (Medicine Automated Control System) is an integrated medication scheduling, provision and reminder system designed to reduce the burden on stay-at-home caregivers and patients by eliminating medicinal nonadherence and protecting users from accidental overdose.


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