Most Promising Innovation - Silver

Company Profile:

CashShield is a global enterprise risk management company that leverages over a decade of domain intelligence and AI to help companies block fraud in real-time. Founded in 2008, CashShield was the first to introduce a 100% automated fraud solution. Working with enterprises like OVO, Razer and Grab, we profile more than 5B devices per year and over 500M user accounts. 

Product Description:

CashShield is a revolutionary end-to-end fraud management solution that is fully machine automated. It provides comprehensive protection to cover all vulnerable entries to fraud attacks- across multiple channels and devices, at every stage of the process. With a combination of domain intelligence, AI, and machine learning, CashShield is able to monitor and deal with fraud in real-time, protecting enterprises from all sorts of fraud attacks, be it account takeovers, promo abuse, loan fraud or money laundering. CashShield’s technology continually adapts to guard against both old and new attacks, protecting the entire digital ecosystem. By always being ahead of fraud, CashShield gives clients a higher level of confidence to scale and grow their revenue potential, maximizing their business growth.