Most Promising Innovation - Gold

Company Profile:

Hanalytics Pte Ltd (BioMind®) is an artificial intelligence (AI) company specialising in healthcare applications. We develop advanced AI technology and build predictive applications to assist doctors analyse medical images and recommend treatments. BioMind® has a strong team of over 100 in-house deep learning scientists and software engineers, medical experts and research advisors from prestigious hospitals and universities. We are  the only company in the world to be selected as the lead for setting AI standard for radiotherapy through the AI standard committee established by ITU-WHO in 2019. The company also launched the first healthcare Machine Learning PhD Program in the region to groom AI talents.

Product Description:

BioMind® is an AI diagnostic support system that uses proprietary deep learning technology to analyse MRI and CT images and generates structured reports automatically. Jointly developed by hundreds of medical specialists and deep learning experts, BioMind® can analyse a large spectrum of neurological disorders including brain tumours, vascular diseases and stroke-related medical conditions. The product has obtained the European CE mark and Health Science Authority certification and has since been used in many parts of the world.  

BioMind® has the ability to self-learn and improve through cycles of predictions and doctors' revisions. This ability in turns assists doctors to reduce misdiagnosis and blind spots, and improve their efficiency of medical reporting, therefore significantly enhances patient outcomes. The technology can also be upgraded to analyse medical conditions of other body systems.