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Company Profile:

The National Parks Board (NParks) of Singapore is the lead agency for greenery, biodiversity conservation, wildlife and animal management. With the aim of maintaining Singapore’s extensive urban greenery, NParks continuously innovates to enhance operational effectiveness and meet challenges such as climate change. Today, NParks manages four nature reserves, more than 350 parks as well as an estimated 2 million urban trees.

Product Description:

The digitalisation of tree management complements and enhances NParks’ management of Singapore’s greenery. Such advanced technology allows NParks staff to be more rigorous and efficient in carrying out the tree management programme, such as inspections for tree health and safety, pruning and species selection. This requires the orchestration of multiple components: Collection of Information for Tree Health Assessment – through sensors, mobile field equipment and integrated systems; and Building Analytics and Modelling to understand Tree characteristics – studying behaviours of different tree species towards external factors; accurately model our trees spatially, semantically and biologically; effectively applying these models and scaling it to a city-wide level.