Student Techblazer - Silver

Company Profile:

The School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) is a Specialised Independent School that offers a distinctive 4-year GCE O-Level programme with an integrated approach to applied learning. Learning in SST is multi-faceted as students gain a strong foundation of key academic concepts in core subjects like Mathematics and Science. Receiving institutions of graduated students have reported that the SST students demonstrate a distinct difference in the way they approach their learning, indicating that the school is well on its way to becoming a global leader in transforming learning and nurturing passionate innovators through real-world applications of science and technology.

Product Description:

CodeCollab is your Google Docs for code, a real-time collaborative code editor and compiler aimed at aiding both students and teachers learn together in a collaborative classroom environment. CodeCollab has the ability to compile your code in 16 different programming languages, including Python, C++ and HTML, CSS & JS. CodeCollab also has the ability to share your code anytime, anywhere, simply by copying a link or sharing through email. Prototyping on CodeCollab is also extremely easy, with users being able to test websites they built on different devices. CodeCollab is currently being used in two secondary schools in Singapore, enhancing learning in both Computing lessons and Infocomm Club meetings.