Most Promising Innovation - Bronze

Company Profile:

Spark Systems is building new generation trading platforms that will be a game changer in Singapore and the Global Foreign Exchange (FX) space.

The company is founded on the principles of precise trading, market transparency and growth using cutting-edge technology for high-speed trading, and now aims to develop a Singapore-based marketplace for corporate treasuries, institutional users and international banks based here and the region.

Product Description:

The big challenge for fast-paced FX industry is to reduce high slippage and rejection rate.
In the current FX market, there is a lack of competent FX systems ue to outdated technology, a fragmented marketplace and high operating cost.

Spark systems provides the cutting edge systems designed with efficient access to FX liquidity at reduced trading cost.
Also, the suit of analytical tools is available to make evaluation simple and intuitive.

Our major unique solutions are as below:

●       Innovative & Efficient FX Aggregation
●       Ultra-Low Latency Execution
●       Extremely Low Rejections
●       Enhanced and Optimised User Experience
●       Whitelabelling / Sell Side / Pricing Engine

In summary, our commercialization potential of the solutions are as below:
●       Aggregator – easy to use modern graphical interface
●       Algorithm – designed for optimal execution
●       Analytics – marketplace impact analysis

In addition to being a next generation platform, on a more strategic level, what differentiates Spark from other incumbents is that Spark aims to position Singapore as a leading venue for Asian currency pairs, establishing a future regional Electronic Communications Network (“ECN”) based in Singapore, connecting buyers and sellers in major emerging market currency pairs across different continents on an anonymous matching platform.