Best Adoption - SME

Company Profile:

York Launch Service was established in 1993 with 6 wooden launches. Today, we’re a leading provider of launch services with a fleet of over 40 boats. Our mission is to provide a quality and competitive launch service based on 3 core values: Reliability, Innovativeness and Safety. Our customers choose us for our reliability & flexibility to meet their different needs.

Product Description:

B-a-L is an all-in-one customised SaaS for the launch operations & management. It includes a nimbly structured ERP integrating a booking & deployment system, a boat-tracking system, auto-documentation & linked-accounting system and a boatman system.

It gives ease of booking and access to clarity to the customers who now make their bookings online via web or mobile by simply pressing a few buttons. It also cuts down launch counter staff workload tremendously of recording, generating & managing paper docs, manual deployment & tracking of boats & boatmen. The management now has full control their valuable assets; systematic retention of business intelligence; clarity of business and future HR & other innovations. All these in an easy to grasp B-a-L visualised dashboard.