2020 Winners

Most promising innovation

  • Hummingbird Bioscience Pte Ltd


    Hummingbird Bioscience Pte Ltd

    Rational Antibody Discovery (RAD) Platform​

    Hummingbird’s RAD platform is a game-changing platform used for drug discovery and development. 


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  • Ideatory Pte Ltd


    Ideatory Pte Ltd



    Impress’ largest solution is an AI platform for enterprise recruitment teams, called impress.ai. It allows the creation of autonomous recruitment workflows that use conversational bots to conduct competency-based structured interviews using techniques from Industrial-Organizational Psychology. 

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  • NextBillion.Ai


    Nextbillion.ai Pte Ltd



    Nextbillionmaps, is an AI-powered total mapping solution that provides enterprises with customisable features like routing, navigation, direction and distance matrix.


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  • StashAway​


    Asia Wealth Platform
    Pte Ltd


    StashAway creates transparent investment products that are structured in client’s best interests, by creating a sophisticated investment framework, previously only available to institutional investors, to the mass market. StashAway delivers this through a seamless digital experience, allowing customers 24/7 access to their financial data.

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Best adoption

  • GovTech

    Public Sector

    Government Technology Agency (GovTech)


    SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system developed by the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), which logs an individual’s entry into a venue.




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  • NTUC Income


    NTUC Income Insurance
    Co-operative Ltd


    SNACK by Income​

    Providing an exceptional & versatile pay-per-trip micro premium and accumulative coverage proposition, Income launched SNACK by Income in June 2020, offering Term Life, Personal Accident insurance, & Critical Illness protection to SNACK users, in bite-sized portions which that stack up over time. With SNACK, the insured gradually stacks his coverage of choice by paying micro-premiums ($0.30, $0.50 or $0.70) and accumulating micro-policies that offer a specified sum assured that are commensurate with the premiums. 

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  • Hong Ye Group


    Hong Ye Group Pte Ltd


    Smart iClean app

    The Smart iClean App enables its user to collect toilet feedbacks and monitor cleaners’ performance and attendance with the use feedback system, IOT and automation solution. 

    The app makes it easy to manage cleaners, supervisors, ad-hoc tasks, periodic tasks, and records. Admin can input a set of comprehensive information per cleaner, which will all be digitally recorded and stored in reliable and safe cloud space. All data can be managed and monitored with just one click. 

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  • APSN

    Public Sector

    Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)

    Mixed Reality (M.R) Living Room

    The Mixed Reality Living Room re-creates a typical HDB living/dining room and kitchenette (real environment), and co-locating it with an ICT-enhanced, immersive and interactive multi-media environment (virtual environment). 


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  • YJP Surveyors


    YJP Surveyors Pte Ltd


    Aerial Laser Scanning

    Traditional survey and mapping is now being replaced by aerial laser scanning using a custom commercial drone, carrying a LIDAR* payload to map an area. What takes a team 7 days can be performed within one day.


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  • Augmentus


    National University of Singapore

    Augmentus Platform

    Augmentus offers a one-stop and code-free robot programming platform that enables non-technical users to program industrial and collaborative robots with high speed and submillimeter accuracy. 


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  • Newton's Meter


    St. Andrew's Junior College

    Newton’s Meter​

    Newton’s Meter is a AI-powered device that "automatically" sends S.O.S message with real-time GPS to 10 phone numbers within a seconds of any mishap (be it at home or outside).


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  • Nanyang Polytechnic


    Nanyang Polytechnic

    Automated AI Review with Human Workflow​

    Automated AI Review With Human Workflow is an event-driven end-to-end solution, making form approval a breeze. The system is able to handle from the upload of the form, all the way, to any process without any human intervention. 


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  • Singapore Management University


    Singapore Management University

    Fluidlytix WAVE Valve

    FluidLytix WAVE Valve helps to reduce rising costs of water for all businesses. It is a specially designed valve that compresses accumulated air in the water-line, which results in the reduction of water usage of up to 3-6% and up to a 30% reduction in water usage costs.

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