Student Techblazer - Bronze

Company Profile:

Established as an institution of higher learning in 1992, Nanyang Polytechnic's (NYP) academic schools offer quality education and training through more than 35 full-time diploma courses and common entry programmes.

Product Description:

Automated AI Review With Human Workflow is an event-driven end-to-end solution, making form approval a breeze. The system is able to handle from the upload of the form, all the way, to any process without any human intervention.

The key features of our solution encompasses the usage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automate the approval of the physical and online form requests. Besides inputting datasets in CSV, the machine learning model can also be incrementally trained with new inputs from human reviewers through the implementation of a human review workflow. It utilising AWS serverless services, and the architecture is designed to be fault-tolerant and easily scalable. It is estimated that it the cost of processing each form is <$1.