Student Techblazer - Gold

Company Profile:

Augmentus was born from the personal experiences and painpoints of our co-founders. In their previous line of work, they led teams to develop robotics solutions for multi-national corporations and spent countless hours programming and integrating different robots and equipments to deploy for commercial projects.

This inspired them to build an intuitive, graphical robotics platform that simplifies and unifies the development and operation of industrial robots.

Product Description:

Augmentus offers a one-stop and code-free robot programming platform that enables non-technical users to program industrial and collaborative robots with high speed and submillimeter accuracy. The Augmentus platform is a mobile application with an intuitive mixed reality interface that allows users to program robotics arms without the need for coding and CAD files. Users simply draw robot paths through a live video feed on a mobile device and the robot will move accordingly with submillimeter accuracy.