Best Adoption - Special Mention

Company Profile:

YJP Surveyors Pte Ltd was founded on hydrographic survey services and quickly provided complementary land survey services as its projects began to include both land and sea monitoring. The company currently just passed its 26th year in operation having grown from a team of five to over sixty staff working on multiple agency projects across the island. The company aggressively adopts new technology and practices to compete and is now one of the leading land survey firms in Singapore with participations in several national projects.

Product Description:

Traditional survey and mapping is now being replaced by aerial laser scanning using a custom commercial drone, carrying a LIDAR* payload to map an area. What takes a team 7 days can be performed within one day. It is not just an upgrade to remain competitive in the industry, it is a committed mindset change in changing its way of working and team culture to sustain and adopt aerial unmanned survey systems as part of our workflow. 

*LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method used to examine the surface of the Earth.]