Best Adoption - Public Sector

Ministry of Manpower

Company Profile:

Our vision is to develop a great workforce where Singaporeans can aspire to higher incomes and fulfilling careers. Complementing this is a great workplace where companies are lauded for having outstanding employment practices and organisational cultures.

To achieve this vision, our mission is to improve the skills and productivity of the Singaporean workforce as the basis for better jobs, higher incomes and a secure retirement. We will judiciously supplement our workforce with foreigners, such that they strengthen the Singaporean core. We will also build progressive workplaces, strengthen tripartite relationships and encourage harmonious work cultures so as to create fair and forward-looking employment practices that provide safe and healthy work environments and enable balanced work-life.

Product Description:

During the height of the COVID-19 situation and the urgency of it affecting the Migrant Workers (MW) community, the FWMOMCare team took on the challenge to deliver a brand-new React-Native mobile Foreign Worker Well-Being application within 2 weeks in the 3 major app stores (Google, Apple and Huawei) to support the migrant workers well-being.

The team worked to deliver the first minimum viable product (MVP), and iteratively improved the solution based on various feedback received to overcome technical, operational obstacles and constant engagement with agency partners (MOH, HPB, DSTA etc).