Student Techblazer - Bronze

NUS High School of Math & Science

Company Profile:

Tofu Apps is a software development team creating humanist software to connect communities and simplify workflows. Tofu Apps was founded in 2020 with the launch of Loci, a fully web-based e-whiteboard app focused on accessibility, user experience, and efficiency that is considered for use in NUS High School. Tofu Apps' earlier ventures include an e-proctoring software deployed for the Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad, as well as apps with millions of downloads.

Product Description:

Loci is a web-first, real-time online whiteboard app for schools and communities. With social distancing and even remote learning being the norm, classroom activities were disrupted. Loci enables users to create, share and join a whiteboard instantly without signing in. In classroom settings, teachers can facilitate group work on separate whiteboards and student presentations, while students can automatically follow teachers on the gridded-infinite canvas.

With zero lock-ins, apart from an importable Loci file, users can export whiteboarding sessions to standard formats such as images and PDFs for interoperability with other software, complementing its integrations with existing solutions adopted by schools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams. Nevertheless, cloud storage is also an option with an account.

Beyond education, Loci is a social tool for friends to bond over doodle sessions, DnD campaigns, or even board games with customisable templates and a built-in chat.