Student Techblazer - Gold

Nanyang Technological University

Company Profile:

As DementiCarers, we want to make caregiving easy for everyone. DementiCare is a mobile application made to reduce, digitalize and revolutionize the barrier of skills, knowledge and experience required for providing care to patients suffering from Dementia.

Product Description:

DementiCare is an app to reduce the barrier of skills and experience required to care for Dementia patients. It aims to be a one-stop caregiving solution by bringing caregivers of varied experience together and providing a consistent interface to care for dementia patients.

Research shows that 48% of Alzheimer's cases were mild and 31% moderate. Targeting Stage 1 and 2 Dementia patients makes our user base 80% of the demographic.

The caregiver view of the app is meant to alleviate daily issues. This includes sending urgent notices to patients, chatbots to conduct symptom checking and medical conversations, and the Profile tab for details on each patient. DementiCare has in-house productivity features like notes, reminders, chat rooms too.

The patient side has a simplistic yet immersive interface. Memory games, family reminiscing and memory-jotting keep the patient engaged. Fall detection to trigger SOS, proximity sensing and location updates work in the background to reduce complexity.