4th Edition Winners

Most Promising Innovation


Singapore Eye LEsioN Analyzer+ (SELENA+)

EyRIS Pte Ltd

SELENA+ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning System (DLS) that involved the synergy of research and expertise between the Singapore Eye Research Institue (SERI) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Using Convolutional Neural Networks, SELENA+ automatically grades fundus images and detects eye diseases.


WIZ.AI Conversational Voice AI Talkbot


The A.I. Virtual Talkbot solution enables enterprises to apply 'voice-enabled interaction' over multiple communication mediums (mobile, WhatsApp calls and in-app call conversation) to automate customer service support.


Ackcio Beam

Ackcio Pte Ltd

Ackcio Beam is an industrial data acquisition platform that allows for reliable wireless monitoring of existing industrial sensors in mission-critical industries. Ackcio Beam uses patented long-range wireless mesh network, named Ackcio Mesh, which makes it possible for the solution to collect industrial sensor readings accurately and reliably in underground and above ground settings.

Best Adoption



Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

During the height of the COVID-19 situation and the urgency of it affecting the Migrant Workers (MW) community, the FWMOMCare team took on the challenge to deliver a brand-new React-Native mobile Foreign Worker Well-Being application within 2 weeks in the 3 major app stores (Google, Apple and Huawei) to support migrant workers well-being.



Ren Ci Hospital

CARES4WOUNDS is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted software which is able to capture 3D images, measure, record, track progress & provide treatment guidance for wounds. It comprises of a mobile application (downloaded on e.g. iPad) and a web-based monitoring tool. CARES4WOUNDS software automates 3D wound measurements (length, width & depth) & tissue classification under 1 second.


Cabin Crew Digital Ecosystem

Singapore Airlines Ltd

The Cabin Crew Digital Ecosystem comprises of a (1) Mobile App, (2) Backend Systems & (3) Wearables. It includes a Crew app for flight & operational admin tasks, a Crew Journey app for individual learning & development, a 1SQ app for management updates & company news and BEST (Beyond Excellent Service through Technology) Onboard app for personalised passenger servicing.


Digital Beyond

ONG&ONG Group Pte Ltd

Digital Beyond is a holistic digital transformation approach initiated by ONG&ONG Group for all its offices. The form adopts a digital strategy for three key areas - Workplace, Workforce and Workflow to improve internal processes and collaboration with external stakeholders.

Special Mention


5G: Powering Connectivity at the Next Generation

PSA Corporation Ltd 

Automating container handling equipment (CHE) is a key strategy for PSA towards boosting productivity and enhancing our overall service level. Equipment automation requires that operators be able to teleoperate the CHEs to handle any exceptions and emergencies. To ensure operational safety, teleoperations of CHEs requires very low latency (<50ms) for real-time control sinals and video.


Digitalisation of Customised Orthoses and Prostheses

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

The TTSH Foot Care & Limb Design Centre has successfully innovated and digitalised their clinical practice and manufacturing methods for customised orthoses and prostheses, through the adoption of technologies such as 3D-scanners, Computer-aided Manufacture, and 3D-printing. This has brough better value to patients in terms of design and quality of their customised devices.


Immersive Learning Experience

EDN Media Consultant Pte Ltd

EDN Media Consultants digitalised their tours to adapt their business during the pandemic. They created Virtual Tours consisting of immersive and interactive solutions for students to use in schools and home-based learning.

Student Techblazer



Nanyang Technological University

DementiCare is an app to reduce the barrier of skills and experience required to care for Dementia patients. It aims to be a one-stop caregiving solution by bringing caregivers of varied experience together and providing a consistent interface to care for dementia patients.



National University of Singapore & Singapore University of Technology and Design

Skilio is an AI-powered, digital soft skills portfolio that empowers Gen Zs to track & develop their soft skills competencies. Just like how Github enables coders to showcase their programming abilities through projects, Skilio is like Github for Gen Zs to showcase their soft skills competencies in their educational journey.


Contactless Sanitary Door Monitoring System

ITE College Central

With the guidance and mentorship from lecturers at Institute of Technical Education, and supervision of engineers from ECOPLUS Manufacturing Pte Ltd, the Singapore industrial leader in Toilet Cubical design; we aim to provide a revolutionary system that will be able to benefit the current toilet system to make it safer for public.


Loci: A Whiteboard for Everybody

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Loci is a web-first, real-time online whiteboard app for schools and communities. With social distancing and even remote learning being the norm, classroom activities were disrupted. Loci enables users to create, share and join a whiteboard instantly without signing in. In classroom settings, teachers can facilitate group work on separate whiteboards and student presentations.