5th Edition Winners

Most Promising Innovation



Accredify Pte Ltd

Accredify is a verification technology solutions provider that enables businesses to engage in trusted information exchange by creating, issuing, and managing verifiable data, identities, and documents. Accredify is leading the way in digital trust by leveraging the blockchain to enable organisations to create and issue instantly verifiable digital documents that are traceable back to the source and verified with a QR code scan.


Augmentus Scan & Plan Robotics

Augmentus Pte Ltd

Augmentus is a robotics software company that combines computer vision and AI to enable intelligent and adaptive robotics. Augmentus patented technology combines computer vision with AI to eliminate the need for technical expertise and coding in robotics, thus dramatically reducing production downtime from weeks to minutes.


Thomson Tool - Software Composition Analysis

Scantist Pte Ltd

Scantist is a software composition analysis tool that helps organizations with mitigating risks related to open source software components used in their projects. By analysing both source code and binary projects, Scantist offers insight into open source libraries, vulnerabilities, and ensures compliance with legal standards.


Alchemy Fibre

Alchemy Foodtech Pte Ltd

Alchemy technology is designed to lower sugar, carbohydrate, and glycemic index of foods. Alchemy Fibre blends are patented, plant-based, and can be incorporated into different foods while maintaining taste satisfaction. Alchemy SweetFibre blends substitute sugar and combines Alchemy Fibre and sweeteners to provide the sweetness, texture, and solubility similar to sugar.

Best Adoption


GovCash - Face Verification Technology, APIs and ATMs

Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board

GovCash was developed to replace cheques for Singaporeans who are unable to use direct bank crediting to receive Government payments. Designed to be simple, intuitive, and inclusive, GovCash allows users who are without bank accounts or smartphones to receive their payouts securely using the SingPass Facial Verification technology adopted at over 500 ATMs located across Singapore.


Viriya IntelliBot

Viriya Community Services

VCS is the first mover in the social service sector in developing Viriya IntelliBot to digitalise the case management process. Speech-to-Text audio transcripts are piped into an artificial intelligence machine with text mining function to generate topics / sentiment analysis.


CDL Homes Sales (CHS)

City Developments Limited

During the pandemic, safe-distancing measures restricted homebuyers from physically being able to view and purchase homes. Pivoting quickly, CDL re-imagined the entire property-purchase process by streamlining the balloting and buying process for our homebuyers and property agencies, leveraging digital technologies like mobility, onsite and remote digital signature and enhancing buyer experiences for satellite sales.


Vehicle-Mounted Ground Penetrating Radar Array with Accurate Positioning System for Non-Destructive Subsurface Utility Mapping

HSC Pipeline Engineering Pte Ltd

For 30 years, HSC has been building critical infrastructural pipelines for Singapore. To enhance management of civil engineering projects, HSC has implemented a subsurface utility mapping system comprising a vehicle-mounted Multi-Channel GPR, GNSS RTK antenna, and IMU.

Student Techblazer


Flint Paper Battery

Nanyang Technological University & Singapore Management University

Flint Paper Batteries offer a sustainable, cost-effective, and safer alternative to conventional lithium batteries. Made from natural and non-toxic materials, Flint Paper Battery enables compostable end-of-life disposal, reduced production costs, and advanced safety features. With it, the goal is to aid the world’s transition to green energy with greener batteries.



National University of Singapore

Trident is a two pronged approach for the detection of renal diseases. We use a lateral flow assay to detect parameters such as pH, albumin, ketone, blood, bile etc. The results of these indicators predict the users' susceptibility to renal diseases.



Singapore University of Technology and Design

Greenairy's filter-less, modular, smart plant towers supercharge plants to purify air up to 100X faster. Our smart tower supercharges these plants by maintaining them in a controlled environment based on over 2 years of scientific research into active air phytoremediation.


Fire prevention system using IoT

ITE College Central

Team SHMID.CO developed a low-cost and functional monitoring device that allows users to monitor and remotely turn off charging batteries or other electrical devices due to overheating. Users will be alerted by an alarm through a buzzer and receive a SMS alert on their mobile phones if the charging device is detected to be overheating.

Carbon Zero


Power Cube and Energy Cloud

VFlowtech Pte Ltd

Introducing revolutionary PowerCube from VFlowtech- a modular, cluster-based design that provides an efficient energy storage solution at all operating conditions. Scalable for larger applications and boasting a lifespan of over 30 years, it guarantees consistent power delivery. Perfect for data centers and backup needs, it offers rapid response times.


CapitaLand Net Zero Carbon Emission Office

CapitaLand Pte Ltd

CapitaLand is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions in its office operations by leveraging common renewable energy source such as solar with a Hybrid Energy system that allows it to use the renewable energy directly for its technology equipment, lighting and air conditioning needs.