For 2023, the Techblazer Awards introduces a special 4th award category – Carbon Zero – to award companies using innovation to reduce carbon emissions.

Most Promising Innovation

Recognises the innovation behind products or solutions developed by Singapore-registered companies. The product or solution must create outstanding impact on the way businesses operate or greatly enhance the quality of lives for end users. The companies should have fulfilled a marketplace need by developing a commercially viable business model around this innovative product or solution, which has the potential to be sustainable in the long run. They should also have carved out new markets, with high growth potential, for themselves through this innovative product or solution.

Note: Applications should have an operational Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to qualify.

  1. Promise of Innovation
  2. Stage of Innovation
  3. Go to Market
Best Adoption

Recognises Singapore-registered companies, public sector organisations, non-governmental organisations and social sector organisations that have adopted products or solutions by leveraging on emerging technologies. Solutions could have been co-developed jointly with technology companies to digitally transform their businesses, resulting in greater competitive advantage, operational efficiency, enhanced productivity and improved citizen or customer experiences.

Note: This award is given to a User Organisation, with possible mention of the technology company and solution(s) used. Submissions are open to User Organisations. Tech companies who wish to participate should jointly submit the application with a user organisation

  1. Adopting the Innovation
  2. Innovativeness of Solution
  3. Business Impact and Value
Carbon Zero (New!)

Recognises Singapore-registered companies that showcase tech-enabled projects, solutions and/or initiatives that are innovative and have made a measurable impact towards reducing carbon emissions.

Note: The projects should demonstrate innovative applications of technology that are also effectively integrated with business operations and processes.

  1. Innovativeness of Tech
  2. Impact on Carbon Emission
Student Techblazer

Recognises innovative ideas with commercialisation potential developed by students from Singapore schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutions (PSEIs). Solutions must use emerging technologies to fulfil a marketplace need or have potential to carve out new markets. The submission should also demonstrate entrepreneurship through business plans. This award category aims to discover and encourage the next generation of innovators.


  • Participants should be at least 15 years old (as 31 Dec 2022).
  • They should be full-time students at Singapore schools and/or PSEIs.
  • Student who graduated from Calendar year 2022 is eligible
  • Teams should minimally have a working prototype developed, which would need to be presented at the Semi-Final and Final Judging rounds
  1. Innovativeness of Idea
  2. Market Potential and Commercialisation Opportunity
  3. Project Presentation will be required if you are shortlisted
  1. These transformational products, solutions and services help to drive our Smart Nation and contribute to the Singapore economy.
  2. A Nominator may nominate his/her own or another Organisation/team for the award. The Nominee must be a Singapore-registered organisation or Teams from Singapore educational institutions.
  1. General Eligibility
    1. For Most Promising Innovation category, the Organisation and/or individual must own the product/technology exploitation rights to the Intellectual Property (IP).
    2. For Most Promising Innovation category, majority of the product development efforts (including research and development and design) must be carried out and completed within Singapore.
    3. All organisations/companies must be registered in Singapore as a legal entity under the Singapore Company Act or Registry of Societies.
    4. For Student Techblazer, teams registered should comprise full-time students at Singapore public educational institutions with a working prototype developed.
    5. Definition of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Company’s Group annual sales turnover should be not more than S$100 million, OR Company's Group employment size should be no more than 200 employees.
  2. Non-Eligibility
    1. An entry which has won an award in Techblazer Awards 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 is not eligible for participation in the Techblazer 2022/2023 Award, unless there are substantial enhancements made on the original winning entry for it to be considered in their submission for the award in 2022/2023.
  3. Award Entries
    1. Submissions must meet all criteria stipulated in this guideline or it will be disqualified.
  1. Call for Entries Submission
    1. Entries submission period: 19 December 2022 to 03 April 2023.
    2. Submissions must meet all criteria stipulated in this guideline or it will be disqualified.
  2. Judging Period
    1. Judging will take place from April 2023 to June 2023. Final dates to be adviced at a later stage.
  3. Prize Ceremony
    1. All finalists will be invited to attend the prize ceremony in August 2023.
    2. Finalists will be informed of the details of the ceremony via email.
  4. Winners Benefits and Package
    Winners will stand to enjoy the following perks and benefits:
    1. Marketing and publicity package covering congratulatory advertisements, social media posts and advertorials for print and online media for Techblazer Awards 2022/2023.
    2. Techblazer Awards 2022/2023 Winner's Logo for usage in marketing collaterals or name cards.
    3. Marketing and Media Opportunities at selected events (subject to availability).1
    4. Priority pitching opportunity to the Startup Funding Programme.2
    5. Invitation to post-award activities such as Networking and Pitching Events to investors, venture capitalists, business partners or buyers.3
    6. Priority consideration for enrolment into IMDA Spark Programme.4
    7. Priority access and booking of IMDA PIXEL activities and facilities.5
    8. Invitation to participate in overseas market access opportunities through SGTech programmes and initiatives (subject to availability).6
    9. Complimentary SGTech Membership (valued at up to $6,000) till 30 June 2024 & Priority to SGTech member events.7
    10. Opportunity for Student Internship, subject to availability.
  1. When opportunities arise, IMDA and SGTech will reach out to you.
  2. T&Cs apply. Only for winners and finalists of Most Promising Innovation category.
  3. When opportunities arise, SGTech will reach out to you.
  4. Subject to assessment upon receipt of documents to be submitted within 12 months of being awarded the Techblazer Award 2022/2023. Only for winners of Most Promising Innovation category.
  5. Prior booking and application is required, but with green-lane access. T&Cs apply. Subject to availability of activities and facilities. Valid for calendar year 2023-2024.
  6. When opportunities arise, SGTech will reach out to you. T&Cs apply. Only for winners of Most Promising Innovation category.
  7. T&Cs apply. Applicable to Non-SGTech members.